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Our focus on the dairy industry is to provide practical, nutritional and managerial solutions to each individual dairy producer. Each farm has different forage and water analysis, as well as different genetic pedigrees, and a "one supplement fits all requirement" does not work in today's dairy industry. We have a full range of nutritional solutions for calves, heifers, veal calves, dry cows and of course your milking herd. Our mill facilities include equipment for production of textured molasses feeds, premixes, mash and pelleted feeds.

We can provide nutritional expertise through the balancing of feeding programs using complete feeds, supplements or commodity based on-farm premixes.

If you haven’t yet heard about our exciting partnership with Renaissance Nutrition, be sure to check out our

Renaissance Dairy Management Resource Center.


Are you using the newest feed technology? We are!

Technology continues to offer new and exciting opportunities to our dairy feeding programs. The dairy industry no longer has the luxury of overfeeding nutrients to meet animal requirements. Renaissance works closely with dairy producers toward achieving their goals and meeting their needs. This includes the most up-to-date information, technology and tools available in the industry.

These tools include:

CPM Dairy – An advanced modeling program to ‘calibrate’ nutritional performance of dairy cows.

In Vitro Gas Analysis – A tool for analyzing the rates at which rumen bacteria breakdown forages and grains.

Z-Box – A new tool designed tomeasure the physically effective NDF or the feedstuff’s ability to stimulate cud chewing for a measurement that better reflects the health of the rumen environment, milk production and components.

Upcoming Technology – Renaissance continues to work with university and industrial researchers to develop on farm tests to better predict starch disappearance rates by rumen bacteria, enhance fiber digestion, improve starch fermentability, and lower production costs by formulating for improved microbial efficiency.

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Feed Products

► Mapleview Calf Milk Replacers

Is a highly digestible skim milk based milk replacer formulated using the most recent scientific information and designed for optimal growth of young dairy calves. Click here for more information on this product.

► Pinnacle 18% Whole Grain Calf Starter

For producers who want performance from their heifer rearing program., the whole grain starter ration has been proven through research to be equal to any high quality flaked or textured feed programs. However, this feed does not attract flies and will flow easily out of a bulk bin. As we know from the veal calf feeding programs, calves can chew whole grains effectively. Research has shown calves raised on 18% Calf Starter with whole grains is as or more effective than feeding 21% Calf Starters. X-Factor used to increase the rate of rumen development and digestion of the grain rations. Once grain in seen passing into the manure, switch the feeding program to W-S Heifer rearing rations or supplements. This is available with Deccox and Bovatec.

► Pinnacle Heifer Rearing Program

Pinnacle allows the producer to rear a healthy and economical replacement heifer with the use of proven probiotic and X-Factor technology. The probiotics are a combination of essential oils to stimulate feed intakes and rumen development as well as the addition of yeast cell wall technology which will help to tie up many of the harmful bacteria in the baby calf gut. Essential fatty acids will promote feed intake and the growth hormone synthesis. Finally the Volatile fatty acids are used to encourage rumen development.



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W-S Feed & Supplies Serving Southwestern Ontario

W-S Feed & Supplies Serving Southwestern Ontario