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Our focus in swine is to offer constantly evolving solutions in this ever-changing industry. We continue to believe that the hog production system in Ontario will always be resilient and dynamic to the many factors that are affecting it. We also believe that the solutions lie with the people who are entrenched in this regional market. We believe that the regions across Canada in hog production cannot all fall under the same marketing approach.

The Ontario market must have programs that meet the needs of the pork value chain for our region. We believe we can help facilitate these regional solutions. We have strived to bring experienced dynamic people and products to the Ontario hog producer, and we will continue to build on this solid foundation. 

A complete line of feeds for swine is available to optimize genetic potential through the balancing of amino acid ingredients in the feed. Consisting of Sow, Starter, Grower and Finisher feeds, the swine producer can choose from purchasing a complete feed, supplement or a premix to feed the superior line of feed.

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Available in premix, supplement or complete feed.



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W-S Feed & Supplies Serving Southwestern Ontario

W-S Feed & Supplies Serving Southwestern Ontario